I probably should have done this posting first, but allow me to backtrack for a second. 🙂  Scentual Soundtracks is a new bath and beauty business that I just started.  As a PhD student in music and literature (hoping to finish up soon!) I guess you could say that I study music for a living.  I also happen to be a fanatic for bath and body products, and I’ve made products for friends and family for years.  They have been asking (almost begging!) for me to sell my creations online, and finally I have the time and the opportunity.

A lot of thought and love goes into each product I make.  I test the product over and over again before offering for sell in my shop.  I want you to have the best bath and beauty experience without breaking your budget.  I want my products to serve as your favorite CD player or iPod soundtrack – something that you can “play” or use over and over again and feel refreshed, inspired, beautiful.  This is Scentual Soundtracks’ highest and deepest commitment to its customers.  In effect, it is my uncompromised commitment to you.  I take it seriously.

And now, for one of my favorite songs by El Maestro: Stevie Wonder!