I have to say that I am still shocked at how often I mention Etsy and how frequently I get “Huh?” “What?”  “Emily?” or something to that effect.  Every week I will feature at least one shop that creates beautiful items, for you, your family, friends and your home.

This week I am featuring simple, elegant ornaments from kylieparry.  Of course this picture caught my eye because of the lovely sheet music used as background.  🙂 But more than that this is a beautiful piece of art.  Kylie Parry is a potter and illustrator, and in her own words, “enjoys creating work that celebrates the natural world.”

Here you will find cute ornaments that create a nice change from the usual snowmen, angels and bold reds and greens that you tend to see every year, such as the ornament set above.

Look at this cute owl pendant, made out of clay!  It has a cartoonish feel to it while still evoking earthy naturalness.  Kylie has achieved a nice balance.

Lastly, her prices are affordable.  The ornament set is $12 and the pendant is $11; great prices for quality work.  You can also find individual ornaments for $5.50-$6.00, as well as other cute pendants, and even buttons!

Enjoy discovering her shop, as well as more beauty on Etsy!