Fragrancing oneself with plant materials, solvents, oils and other materials has been popular ever since we humans walked the earth.  Our sense of smell has taken precedence in a world where scent tells us so many things.

Aromas set the mood and can help create a new atmosphere in any room, hence the ever-popular home fragrance sprays, fragrance tarts, potpourri, diffusers, and a host of other materials that we use in the home on a daily basis.

Scenting oneself has been a fun yet calculated endeavor for a very long time.  Ads that purport to improve your love life through fragrance as well as the ability of aromatherapy to make you confident, relaxed or uplifted is still even popular today.  What we must realize, however, is that true aromatherapy is created with essential oils that stem from the leaves, roots, stems and other parts of plants, as well as from absolutes and other plant-based extracts.

The power of plant-based perfumes in my opinion is that you have the option of making your own signature scent (or several scents) that will compliment both your taste and your body chemistry.

As we know, scents smell differently on different people, so what might sell fabulous in the bottle may smell horrible on you, and vice versa.  Similarly, something may smell great on you and not-so-great on your friend or relative who smelled the scent on you and wanted to try it yourself.

What I love about making my own aromas is that I can always make something new.  It took several tries for me to perfect my Passion scent, and I found out (through trial and error) that just one more drop of any of the essential oils can totally change your blend.  Fortuitous accidents like these (one more drop than expected) helped me improve my blend.  And in other cases, it can destroy a certain side of the blend that makes it so intriguing (or dark, lush, beautiful…whatever terms you use to describe fabulous perfumes.

My husband can tell you that I am absolutely in love with scent, probably more than I am with him (just kidding!).  I have a nice collection of perfumes, made both with fragrance oils (synthetic) and essential oils (natural).  I cannot tell you how many memories are evoked for me when I smell a particular scent.

Like the blogstress of Now Smell This, I am absolutely enamored with what my nose tells me about the world.  By the very same token I am very sensitive to smells as well, so when something stinks, it really stinks!

I have only scratched the surface; there’s so much more to learn! Visit the following websites to discover more about natural, aromatherapy perfuming.  Happy smelling in the meantime!

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