Hi Everyone!

I have a sale going on until Dec. 16th!  Save 10% on orders totalling $5 – $20 pre-shipping, and 20% on orders over $20!

Also, I released a new whipped shea butter:
If you haven’t tried shea butter, now is the time! Almost wherever you may live, the drier, colder winter weather is upon us, wrecking havoc on our precious skin. We need to create a line of defense with a 100% natural, nourishing moisturizer to protect against damage and premature aging.

My Whipped Shea Butter is made of almost 75% of unrefined, fair-trade shea butter. It is of the highest quality I have found in all of the market. Shea Butter can be a pricey ingredient, but since it’s so rich a little goes a long way. Combined with skin loving Organic Virgin Coconut and Jojoba Oils, this is food for your skin.

All you need is a touch of it to moisturize your entire body. Its whipped, decadent soufflé-like texture allows it to sink in fairly quickly, leaving your skin refreshed and oh so kissable. 😉

Find out more at http://scentualsoundtracks.etsy.com!

Have a wonderful weekend (it’s just around the corner)!