Unfortunately the delays for my posts are getting a bit longer…but I’m giving myself a break (on the guilt trip) because I’m publicizing a book, writing another one (a dissertation, or book-length project) and getting organized for the new year (I’m over 80% there now).

Also, there has been a delay with the release of my new facial scrub. One of the ingredients that I purchased didn’t make good for the product, and so my research (and search) continues. Next time I will wait to post on a new product until I have ensured that everything is intact, LOL.

I have gathered the ingredients I need to make my organic cold-processed soaps and will be doing this within the next several days. Although I’m scared of using the lye I’m excited about what I’ll concoct!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. It takes times to develop effective products from scratch, a process that I remain committed to and humbled by.

Wishing you all a fabulous, fun-filled week!