For several months now, I have been using Earth Therapeutics’ bath accessories.  I especially love the exfoliating hydro towel!  It works well with body wash and with bar soap.  Most of the time, I use natural bar soaps, and this towel really boosts lather and makes the bars last longer. I have used other exfoliating towels that I’ve found at Rite-Aid and other stores, but this one seems to be the strongest and most durable.

I have also used the natural volcanic foot stones with great success.  This foot stone actually does a great job of exfoliating and renewing your feet, unlike some of the grayish pumice stones that I’ve come across. 

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the effectiveness of your bath and body care, check out these two products.  They are effective, last a long time and are available at most Whole Food stores and online at  What products do you use to enhance your showering and bathing experiences?