I can’t wait until I have time to make my cold-processed soaps and other goodies!  It been such a busy time, but at least I have been able to make some whipped shea butters and salves.  I have many more products still in their development and testing phases (like a new body mist that smells sooo good)…when I have time to photograph I will post them.

In the meantime, here are my favorite soaps (in no particular order).  I was inspired to do this posting by Amina.

Rose Clay Goat Milk Soap by Rose of Sharon Acres – so creamy & it smells like Jasmine & Ylang Ylang!  Monica and her family’s soaps were among my first exposure to natural soaps (other than Dudu Osun and African Black Soaps) over two years ago now.  They make great tooth soap, too!

Lemon Geranium by Urban Eden – smells absolutely heavenly and such a big bar.  It is a moisturizing soap and its scent blooms beautifully in the shower.

Organic Neroli Rose by Green Springs Body Works – all-organic 7 oz. soap bar with a soft scent.  It’s also very moisturizing with the added Goat’s Milk.  They have great face food, too!

Bahama Bliss by Soap for Goodness Sake – this soap is a mix of Sweet Orange, Vanilla & Ylang Ylang.  It smells divine and lasts a very long time!

Scarborough Fair by Chagrin Valley Soaps – one of the nicest herbal soaps that I’ve used!  Plus they have very nice shampoo bars and other blends.  I’ve just ordered the Cucumber Lime Yogurt Facial Soap along with some other samples to try out!

Vanilla de Madagascar by Sea Sprite Soaps – one of the best vanillas I’ve smelled, and such creamy, bubbly lather!  In general, I love Steph’s soaps at Sea Sprite Soaps.

Amber Crush by Alchemic Muse – this is a true amber aroma made from real amber resin!  It was a limited edition for Valentine’s Day, but I’ve asked Karen to bring it back and she is!  The scent is divine and the soap is sooo buttery smooth and moisturizing!

Blue Chamomile by Soapalaya Soaps – what a calming blend!  I love the color, design and decadent lather of this soap!  This is one of her “blended creme” soaps, an innovative combination of cold-processed soap with a natural melt and pour vegetable glycerin base.  The resulting texture is divine.  Plus Alex makes great soaps in general.

As you can see, I love soaps.  I particularly love cold-processed bar soaps and rarely use liquid soaps – other than Dr. Bronner’s Organic Almond Castile Soap and Aubrey Organics’ Luxurious Body Wash, both of which I use for my face.  I have a soap stash bigger than a rational person would have,  🙂 but this is my way of indulging and creating a haven to wash the cares of the day away.  What are some of your favorite soaps (bars or liquid)?  And when did you first become turned on to all-natural, handmade soaps?