Now I know that this is a bath and beauty blog, but it is also important to talk about Oral Care.  I am not sure what you ladies use, but for the past few years I have used Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips.  They are made of cold-processed soap with essential oils (she used to also infuse neem oil or neem bark).  Now, I know you’re thinking, wash my mouth out with soap?!  However the taste is pretty mild and grows on you with use.

I started using tooth soap because I had problem after problem with my teeth and gums.  I had sensitive teeth and noticed that even when using more natural toothpastes, I had recurring problems with sensitive (and sometimes swollen) gums, mouth sores, and other things.  From reading up on tooth soap, I noticed that many people may be sensitive to flouride in toothpaste.  Furthermore, the SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) that’s found in many of the brands can be very irritating.

Now that I look back I know this is true.  When I used to use SLS-based shampoos several years ago, my scalp would always be irritated, dry and flaky.  The same thing, so far as possible, would happen for my mouth – peeling skin, soreness and sensitivity.  I know that this sounds gross but it’s true.  I suffered for years thinking that something was wrong with me when it was really the toothpaste (and other products) that I was using.

Tooth Chips - Soap for Teeth

Tooth Chips - Soap for Teeth

I have been using tooth chips for over 2 years now and I have found that I no longer have these issues.  Whereas toothpaste contains a high percentage of glycerin, which coats teeth and prevents/inhibits re-enamelization, tooth soap doesn’t.  Even though cold-processed soap retains its natural glycerin as a by-product of the soaping process, it is a very small amount compared to tooth soap, and it rinses away quite easily.

When I use tooth soap my teeth are left feeling perfectly soft and my mouth is clean and refreshed. I also use baking soda a few times a week along with tooth soap or by itself for extra cleansing power and to freshen my breath.  By the way, baking soda is such an inexpensive product to use in your home and for personal care!  I add some of it (1/2 – 1 c.) to my bath water, use it mixed with shampoo as a clarifying treatment, mixed with castile facial soap as an impromptu facial cleanser/scrub, and much more!  Hmmm, this makes me think that I’ll have to do a post next on baking soda. 🙂


I believe that my former mouth sensitivities were also due to using alcohol-based mouthwashes like Listerine.  Now I mix tooth powders like Rose of Sharon Acres’ or Goddess Naturals’ with water and swish, swish, swish.  This is great for traveling, as I don’t have to worry about liquid limits or spills.  At home, I use Kiss My Face FreshBreath Mouthwash.  It is not completely natural, but it very close, and works very well with great ingredients like Organic Aloe, Gotu Kola (stimulates circulation) and Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial).  I have been using it for almost 2 years now with absolutely no problem.  And it’s glycerin- and fluoride-free!

There is some controversy over the use of fluoride and its toxic nature.  I suggest that you do Google searches and read the research behind this and make your own decisions.  For far I am a happy camper without it, and I have never had better oral health.

Cheers to washing your mouth out with soap (and baking soda)! 🙂