I am now back in town after having been away from home for exactly two weeks.  I left on August 5th (my wedding anniversary) to travel to Michigan for my husband’s dissertation defense.  I stayed there for a week and a half to wrap up some business in the area, take care of some writing and visit friends that I didn’t get a chance to say a proper good-bye or see ya later to before I moved.  It was a wonderful trip – so amazing to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary,  to celebrate my husband’s milestone with friends and family, and to have time away to write and rejuvenate.

After spending this time in Michigan, I then joined my students and fellow faculty for a cross-country educational road trip.  The trip began in Los Angeles and ended in Providence, and lasted a total of 20 days.  I was on the trip for 4 days, from Detroit to Philadelphia, and learned so much from students about gentrification, and from the amazing activist Grace Lee Boggs about the civil rights, women’s and labor movements that she has been involved in for over 60 years!

courtesy of umich.edu

courtesy of umich.edu

As a 94-year-old woman, she is vibrant, energetic and engaged – still writing articles, meeting with students, and working with community partners in Detroit to solve local problems.  She puts many people, young and old, to shame, and I only hope that I can be as active and enaged as she is in my latter life.

I am excited about getting back to my creative cauldron to cook up many new products.  I have many recipes in the works and look forward to unveiling them over the coming months.  I am also excited about blogging more regularly and cultivating a network of people to engage with on- and off-line.

Stay cool wherever you may be, and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!