Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share that this was my first official day of teaching as a professor.  I did a seminar, which was an introduction to research in the humanities and social sciences.  It went very well, and it was so inspiring to reflect on my experiences as a college student, and how much I grew when I started doing my own independent research outside of course work.

Courtesy of ucsb.edu

Courtesy of ucsb.edu

Research is empowering, and I really enjoy it.  It is part of the product development that I enjoy perhaps more than anything else, except for connecting with people and hearing how their lives have been changed through using the products.  I love researching different oils and how they will affect one’s skin, mood, etc.  I know so much more than I knew just 6 months ago, thanks to endless research.

I literally research everyday and to me it isn’t difficulty or boring – but rather, exciting, and very enjoyable!

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Cheers to the wonderful week that awaits us.