It’s no secret that I love soaps.  A bit too much.  In the process of packing and moving this summer, I truly realized how many bars I have.  Yesterday I calculated how many years (not months!) it will take me to use up my soaps.  Granted, I may be overestimating the amount of time given that I also give bars away for birthday, Christmas, and just-because gifts, and I also shred and use soaps I’m less enthusiastic about in my homemade laundry and dishwashing powders.

However, truth be told, it’s gotten out of hand.  I am running out of storage space.  And my bathtub ledge looks like a bar with so many choices…

So, I made an ultimatum, not to buy anymore soaps until I am down to 5 bars.  This is especially trying for me, and it’s hard to remain disciplined when I love soaps so much, and when there are so many new limited edition fall-inspired soaps being released right now.  It’s torturous, really.

ZomBee by Alchemic Muse

ZomBee by Alchemic Muse

I will continue to buy soaps in the form of shampoo bars, and if a bar or two of soap is included in a gift or combo set I won’t complain, but as far as bathing soaps go, I’m stocked for a long while.

I was inspired by another person who loves soaps as much as I do that she holds herself to her promise not to buy anymore soaps until she’s used up the ones she has.  She held out well until some fall scents were released, and then she (quite understandably) bought more.  However, I remain steadfast and look for other ways to enjoy fall scents, such as in body butters, sugar scrubs, perfumes, and in – *newsflash* – food!  And, truth be told I have some bars left from last year’s fall scents that were so inspiring.  So, let me get to using those up…

What are your bath and body weaknesses?  How do you control/conquer them?