I didn’t get a chance to write once I returned from New Orleans, and now I’m back from a trip to the Bay Area.  I attended a beautiful wedding, a baby shower, saw lots of friends, and went to some of my old stomping grounds from my undergraduate days at UC Berkeley.  It was a great trip and reminded me, as a Los Angeles native, how much I miss California.

Now, let’s talk about hair!  I realize that I have yet to talk about hair on my blog, probably because I haven’t spent much time thinking about or doing my own.   Due to my crazy busyness these days, I’ve been washing and going more than I’d like to.  I used to spend time deep conditioning my hair monthly, curling it, and moisturizing it throughout the week.  For the past several months, however, I’ve been lucky to get a weekly wash in.

Between moving, settling in, finishing up my dissertation, running my little business, and starting a new job as Visiting Professor and Director of Research and Evaluation I’ve had LOTS on my plate, so much that I wondered if I even had a “plate” anymore, haha.  But after noticing how dry my locks were recently, I decided to deep condition before I washed.  Can you believe that my hair (I have sisterlocks) sucked up an ENTIRE 8-ounce jar of conditioning creme all at once?  I kept putting on more as my hair begged me too.

Although it’s a bit of an extreme analogy, I feel like a parent who has denied her child the proper food and nourishment.  But now my hair and I are back on good terms: it’s soft, moisturized and shiny, kindly thanking me for taking more than a few minutes to wash and oil it.

Yesterday I went ahead and spent the dough to order several hair conditioning products from Darcy’s Botanicals.  The jar that I used last night was my last conditioning product. I tried her products in the past, and although one of them was a bit heavy for my hair, I believe I’ll have better results with the Deep Conditioning Mask, Daily Leave-in Conditioner and Herbal Spritzer based on several reviews I’ve read and seen in various places.

Beyond not taking better care of my hair, I’ve been neglecting taking time to relax in the ways that are rejuvenating to me: long, steamy baths, regular pedicures, and spa facial treatments.  I do all of these things myself, because I can use as much or as little *natural* product that I want, and can have things just the way I like them.  Saving money is an added benefit.  As soon as I get through these next few weeks I’ll have more time to do these things, but in the meantime I’ll definitely be conditioning my hair on a regular basis.  It’s getting cold and dry and I DO want to keep my hair! 😉

What do you do to keep your hair moisturized and healthy?