My second posting in this series is on Urban Eden’s Tea Tree Lavender Deodorant.  It is a product that I seriously couldn’t do without!  For years I’d searched for an all-natural deodorant, but the ones I found were either natural only in name, sporting a load of chemicals, or they contained mild abrasives like Cornstarch and Baking Soda that irritated my skin after a few uses, to the point of a rash and peeling.  Not cute, and definitely not fun.  So, when I found Urban Eden’s all-natural deodorant without these irritants, I thought I’d give it a try, and I’ve been using it ever since!


Organic extra virgin coconut oil, local beeswax, cocoa butter, castor oil; lavender, tea tree, rosemary and myrrh essential oils.

So simple and so effective.  No irritation whatsoever!    I always smell good, and the deodorant lasts me over 2 months, even with sometimes twice-daily usage on my workout days.  It also comes in a Lemon Myrtle scent that smells delicious.
If you’ve tried other natural or “natural” deodorants only to find that they don’t work effectively or that they irritate your underarm skin, look no further – I’m serious.  I don’t know what I’d do if Laura stopped making this product.  I’d be in a crying, stinking mood. 🙂