I will be back to blogging regularly soon, but wanted to ask everyone to keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.  Yesterday they suffered a massive (7.0+) earthquake and a couple of strong aftershocks.  As I find out more information about the humanitarian efforts and the best places to give aid, I will let you know right here.  This is a tragedy but my prayer is for healing.  I am keeping hope alive that even in this loss, Haiti will come out of this stronger and more powerful than they were before as a nation.

Please support in any way that you can.

Edit 1/14: If interested, you can give to the following places:

1) Hello,

If there are people out there you want to donate something to the
rescue/relief effort for earthquake survivors in Haiti, I just wanted
to suggest that they consider Partners in Health.  PIH, founded by
medical anthropologist and physician Paul Farmer, has been working in
Haiti for many years, has an extensive clinical infrastructure in the
country and is, moreover, one of the most dedicated and ethical NGOs
in the world.  PIH is currently on the ground in Haiti, working with
the Haitian Government, the UN, and USAID to set up field hospitals
and triage centers to treat earthquake survivors in and around
Port-au-Prince. The situation is truly catastrophic and they can use
ALL the help they can get!

For more info go to:



2) http://www.unicef.org/ Currently rushing supplies to Haiti

3) http://yele.org/ 100% of funds donated go to rescue/relief efforts.

In addition to these short-term efforts, interested individuals should also contemplate supporting long-term, infrastructure and development efforts that will enable Haiti to be a more financially and developmentally secure country.