I made the most fabulous find this week.  I did a Google search for my hometown and the word “herbs” and came across a wonderful shop right under my nose.

This shop stocks some great herbs!  For under $30 I got so many herbs and started to make my own infused oils with some of them.  I use to purchase my herbs in small amounts from Whole Foods and sometimes online from Mountain Rose Herbs, but the WH here does not carry herbs, and I hate to pay such high shipping costs for lightweight herbs.  So, it was my lucky day to find a local shop that stocks herbs, most at $2/ounce, even for the more expensive ones like rose and jasmine!  And, I get to help my local economy as well.

The oil that I am infusing now is a mix of Organic Olive, Organic Sunflower and Organic Jojoba Oils. All of the herbs I bought are wild-crafted or organic.  My mix is heavy on the lavender because I loooove lavender, and their lavender is sooo fresh and fragrant!  In addition to lavender, I used rose, calendula, chamomile, marshmallow root, and slippery elm bark.

I am going to let it infuse for 2 months, even though I don’t think I can wait that long!  I want it to be ready now, but from Earthly Reality and Amina’s suggestions, it seems like 2 months makes for a better oil.  I am thinking of making another oil with rose, jasmine and calendula, but I want to see how this one comes out first (plus I need some more olive oil!).

So, what will I do with the herbs after they have infused?  Do you throw them away, or do you use them for bath or foot soak?  It seems to be a shame to throw them out, but I guess that is what we do with herbs and tea leaves after they’ve been infused…  What are some of your favorite infused oil blends?  What herbs do you like especially?  Which ones work the best for your skin?  Do you make special oils with different ingredients for your hair, skin, feet, etc., or do you make an “all-purpose” oil to use from head to toe?

I’ll be out of town next week, and will post more when I return!  Have a peaceful, nature-filled weekend.

photo courtesy of parentsinneed.com