Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and President’s Day on Monday makes it a long weekend and an extra special treat.  What are your plans?  My husband and I were going to see Bilal perform in Boston with another couple last night, but the band was stuck in NYC. 😦  Oh well.  Oh my to do list: make Red Velvet Pancakes (bad, I know, but I’ll make them as healthy as possible!), relax and watch a movie, cook a good dinner, and get some writing done.

Some suggestions for enjoying the weekend, whether you have a Valentine or not:

1) Relax! I can’t count how many women I know who burn themselves out continually helping others and overworking themselves generally.  I count myself in this group, at times.  Take this weekend to take care of yourself.  Take a relaxing bath.  Eat some dark chocolate.  Listen to some favorite music.  Call a friend who you haven’t talked to in a while.  Drink some hot tea (or hot chocolate) and watch nature for a while.  Just vow to do nothing, if you can, for at least 1 or 2 hours this weekend.

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2) Reflect on love in all of its many forms.  I’m so against commercialized love expressions, be they huge boxes of Valentine’s Day candies and romantic getaways tied to V-Day, when, as a friend of mine said, love, be it romantic, friendly, or familial in nature, should be celebrated year-round.  It is nice to receive flowers and other symbolic representations of love, but what I feel is important is reflecting on the love that has strengthened each and every one of us over our lifetimes.  That is priceless, and to me, this is what this day, and everyday if I remember often enough, is all about.

3) Eat/drink well. Now, I just said that I am making Red Velvet Pancakes at some point this weekend.  I do indulge, but it is in moderation.  Maybe you want to try to cook a new dish this weekend, or make yourself a new drink, such as a smoothie, tea, or juice.

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the simple things in life!  Have fun, and most of all, remember your loved ones who have enabled you to get this far in your life.

P.S. I would like to note that my husband and I will be graduating with our Doctorate degrees this spring, and guess who our commencement speaker is?  President Obama.  I am extremely excited, to say the least.