If you’ve been to my shop lately, you will see that I have reopened.  No items have been listed yet because I want to redo my pictures and finish developing a few new recipes.

2009 Red Hybrid Tea Rose from http://www.growquest.com

One recipe that I am particularly excited about is my Blissful Scrub. It incorporates organic cane sugar, organic light oils, raw honey, ground chamomile, and sandalwood and rose essential oils and absolutes.  It works quite well and smells divine!  I will be tweaking this recipe a bit for my next small batch, as I’ll need to use finer sugar if the scrub is to be used for the face.  It leaves a lovely scent on the skin.  I am currently using it for my hands and they are well-moisturized and smell just…blissful.  When I use it I do not have to use any lotion, and it is not one of those scrubs that have oils floating on top.  I incorporate just enough oils to leave dry skin thoroughly moisturized and pleasantly scented.  Heaven.

Stay tuned for more shop updates!  Thanks for your interest.