My parents-in-law are in town this weekend and my husband and I are going to take the 45-minute train ride into Boston to see them.  We’re going to stay there overnight and come back Sunday.  I have to say that my favorite part of taking trips, long and short ones, is packing up my bag of toiletries to take with me.

This is usually the first thing I pack, then my jewelry, then clothes, etc.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of interesting scent layering experiments with various products that I make myself or purchase from others.  I will find that one product will remind me of another, either due to the scent components, texture or the overall effect that the scent has on me, and I’m then inspired to use them together to see what the result may be.

I’ll take a bath or a shower with a certain scent, and then build on or around that scent with a sugar scrub, body butter or oil, perfume, etc.  Scent layering isn’t a new thing, but what I find unique in my case is not necessarily using the same scent at each stage or “layer” but complementary scents, or scents that are entirely different but would bring about a nice or surprising cumulative effect.

If you haven’t tried this before, please do and let me know how you like it.  If you have tried it, what are some of your favorite or most surprising discoveries?  I’ll share mine, but I want to hear from you first!

Have a great Easter weekend.  After all of the flooding here in the New England area, it’s good to have sunshine again and to be able to leave the house.