As promised, I am dedicating this post to discussing some of my favorite and extraordinary scent layering experiences.

Coffee, Cream and Florals: I know, it sounds weird and unlikely, right?  But I purchased a jasmine and coffee body butter several months back that just worked!  It has mango butter, coffee butter, jasmine floral wax and jasmine absolute among other ingredients and the scent was amazing, to my surprise.  In the shower I used a jasmine patchouli soap followed by a scrub that had an irish cream and coffee scent (also made with coffee butter) and then finished this off with the jasmine and coffee body butter.

The scents were interesting and mingled well, and the scent of creamy coffee and jasmine lasted most of the day.  I should also note that I am not a coffee drinker, although I like coffee candy, iced mochas and coffee ice cream occasionally.  This was definitely the surprise of all of my scent experimentations, and put me in the position to step outside of the box even more.

Orange, Vetiver, and Tea: This one may not be as unusual as jasmine and coffee, but it definitely was a nice treat!  I used a citrus-based soap, followed by a scrub in a citrus tea scent (made mostly of citrus essential oils, citrus-friendly essential oils like palmarosa and chamomile, and some fragrance), and finished up with a shea butter that incorporated orange essential oil and wax along with vetiver, a grassy, earthy essential oil.  The scent combo was soooo fresh and incredible.  I will have to try this again now that spring really has sprung!

Rose, Sandalwood, Cardamom:  This may be the most predictable combination, but I have found that rose and sandalwood are augmented by a little spice. The cardamom complements the deep scentualness of both rose and cardamom.  In the bath I used a rose soap, followed by my rose sandalwood blissful scrub and then used a sandalwood rose cardamom body butter.  I am planning on experimenting with more spice scents in combination with florals and earthy scents.  The result is simply delightful.

I find that scent layering is more interesting and intriguing using all-natural products made from essential oils, floral and fruit waxes, and absolutes.  As natural products that embody the essence of live plant matter, it is no wonder that they have more depth and range than most fragrance oils.  Naturals really do make a difference in the interest and intrigue of your scentual experience.

Images courtesy of Asian Food Grocer and Serreno Spa.