Yesterday I listed three new products in my shop: Organic Supreme Facial and Body Oil, Sparkling Citrus Chamomile Tea Scrub, and Spring Meadows Himalayan Crystal Salt.  There are more to come this month.

I must tell you that I love all of my new products.  I use all of them, and I especially loooove the Spring Meadows Himalayan Crystal Salt.  I used it recently for a pedicure and even my husband wanted to join in on the fun.  With this salt soak you really don’t need to add any more ingredients to your water.  You’ve got the healing herbs, the skin moisturizers (organic sweet almond oil & coconut milk), the purifying salts, and the therapeutic essential oils.  It really does provide the perfect amount of scent, cleaning, revitalization and moisture.

As I was soaking my feet my husband tried to put his in the foot tub too, LOL.   I did let him put them in after I was done (being so kind to add more hot water) and he loved it.  So, you see, men love pampering too.  Spring Meadows would be a great gift for anyone in your life.  The Sandalwood and Palmarosa EOs make the scent a little more unisex, too.


Damp grass and moss scent the air as flowers bud and blossom. The air is breezy and light as you walk barefoot through the meadow. Spring heartens you, reminds you of your deepest dreams and desires. Here, in this beautiful quiet, you can sit a moment, smile and take it all in, and remember why you started this journey so long ago.