For over two years I have been shopping with Helena, both through her Etsy site, and through her own Lunadoncella site.  Helena has studied under Rosemary Gladstar and has master herbalist certification.  I consider her to be intune with nature and with people’s needs more than many other sellers on Etsy.  There are so many products on Etsy that are made from synthetic chemicals, including artificial fragrance oils, harmful preservatives and colorings, and refined ingredients that lack the healing properties of their unrefined and minimally processed counterparts.

Helena is a fresh breeze in virtual and physical shopping “worlds” where pre-manufactured and repackaged base lotions, soaps and creams and chemically-laced products seem to abound.  I’m grateful that Helena continues to stand by her authentic artisan form and create products that truly make a difference in people’s lives while also enabling them to smell sooo good!  Read more about Helena’s background on Etsy profile.

I have requested many custom products from Helena, from shampoos, to sugar scrubs, to facial care products, and Helena truly delivers.  In my opinion, she is the best kept secret on Etsy because not too many people know about her, and because most of her product range is listed separately on her Lunadoncella site.

Helena makes everything fresh for you at the time of your order.  There is no such thing as products sitting around on shelves collecting dust as they slowly decay.  Because she makes everything fresh, you can customize whatever you want from her.  You can add custom scents, ingredients, or request a product that she does not even have listed on her site.  If she can make it she will, and she usually is able to.

Several weeks ago, Helena made me an absolutely beautiful Cucumber Hydrosol made from both English and Gherkin cucumbers and flowers.  Now, she made it herself and she triple-distilled the plant materials.  To me, this is amazing.  And her prices are very reasonable considering that she uses organic and wildcrafted ingredients from her own garden or locally if available.  Everything is made from scratch from her own recipes,  and the products work so amazingly well.

Helena also has some amazing perfume blends, and for all of the perfumistas out there, she makes custom blends that you request, too!  She basically makes everything, really, from facial care, body care, soaps, lotions, perfumes, tinctures, spa baskets, house cleaning supplies, room sprays, candles, wreaths, teas, jams, seasonings, infused honey, men’s and women’s wellness products, baby care products, natural lubricants, massage oils, sugar scrubs, hair care, foot care, salves, deodorants, and so much more.  And, if you don’t see something listed on her site but would like it (like the shampoo I requested) just ask her and she will make it for you.

In short, check out her shop.  She has some absolutely amazing organic products that work well, smell great, and are good for you and the environment.  Take some time to browse her Lunadoncella shop with a cup of iced tea.  She has some beautiful pictures of her products and her garden, and in her Etsy shop, she also lists some great vintage finds she comes across at estate sales and antique shops.  Helena’s Botanical Shop is truly my one-stop shop for all things lovely, fresh, organic and custom made, just for me.

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