I’m back in regular blogging mode.  Yay!

I’m working on some exciting stuff.  How do you work on multiple books at once, maintain a house, a marriage, work out everyday, work full-time, go shopping, make products, food and relax?  I tell you how I do it; I take it one step at a time and make sure that I have balance in my life.

I try and fit a slice of everything (or most things) that I want to accomplish long-term in my day: writing so those books get done, reading so that I know what I’m talking about, cleaning up and cooking so we can live comfortably, working out and eating healthy, home-cooked meals so that I’m not smacked with a barrage of health issues later in life, and think about/experiment with products so that I can make progress on my business.  Even if the slice is small, it’s in there and I can continue to make steady progress, which is important so that things don’t get dropped or forgotten.

I’m currently working on some perfumes that I’m excited about.  They are in their very early stages, so it will take some time until they are released.   More to be unveiled soon.  In the meantime, I’d like to ask you: what is your favorite perfume and why?  Why do you love it so much?  I’ll share mine, too.

Have a great, productive, happy week.  Thanks for visiting.

Pictures from owlsparks.com and dreamstime.com.