I recently emailed fellow blogger Earthly Reality about a mud hair wash she used. I contemplated buying it, but then decided to hold to my new mantra: use what you have. I concocted my own hair wash with clay, herbs, powdered ayurvedic herbs, EOs, oils, and honey. It is based on a hair conditioning and detox recipe I made a while ago, but made without shampoo (one of the former ingredients).

I love this new recipe. My hair came out lush and soft. New hair, for real. I am going to give this recipe a few more tries before posting it. What I like as much as the results I’m experiencing is the fact that I used ingredients that I already had. Sure, it would’ve been nice to buy this product, or to even purchase several more herbs and other goodies to use in the recipe. But I’ve decided to focus on using what I have, the things hidden away in my stash, former supplies and the like. Taking this approach will save me money and I like that I can personalize the ingredients. Although I haven’t tried said mud wash, I’d venture to say that mine is a pretty nice competitor.

Things I make myself:
most meals, including vegetarian meat (from scratch)
herbal teas

Bath and body:
herb-infused oils
hair treatments and cleansers
hair moisturizers
facial masks
facial scrubs
facial serums
body butters
foot and body scrubs
foot and bath soaks
eye makeup remover (I only wear mineral eyeshadows and lip gloss)
hair accessories

household cleansers

I wish I could make more things myself, including clothes (I can sew, but there’s no time), earrings, paintings, and the like, but a girl can only do so much. I often fantasize about spending my entire days making functional art. Maybe when I’m 50…

So, “use what you have; make it yourself” is my fall mantra (see where my last two posts came from?), and it won’t be seasonal.   There is so much excitement and creativity involved in DIY.  What products do you or are you planning to make yourself, be they favorite foods, teas or other drinks, or hair, bath and body products? Why not challenge yourself to see if you can make it first before buying it?

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials, blogs, and google searches that will give you plenty of information. And, if you can’t make it yourself, be sure to purchase these products from Etsy, local co-ops, and other places were indie companies and handmade artisans are. 1: do it yourself, 2: support local, handmade, small companies, 3: buy from big-box stores (Walmart, major grocery stores & warehouses) as a last resort.