As the weather gets colder, windier, and icier/snowier (depending on where you are), you’ll need to take proper measures to ensure that your skin stays moisturized and protected from the climate.  When I lived in the cold Midwest and in cold New England, I used body butters and shea or cocoa butters to moisturize my body.  Still, with the cold winds and low temps, I found that my skin never really stayed supple and moisturized.

Now that I’m living in the Southeast, so far I have not had the need for body butters, although it’s still fall and in the 50s and 60s here.  I am finding that I can continue using my homemade herb-infused and EO-scented body oils that I’ve been using since spring and summer.  This is truly surprising to me; I feel that my skin has now recuperated from those killer winters and can handle this southern weather with a daily shower using a moisturizing soap bar, a sugar scrub 2-3 times a week, and a body oil every time I shower.  No problem.

I’ve even tried putting on heavier body butters without any liquid content, and my skin is almost telling me with they are too much.  (And generally I avoid lotions because with their liquid content [water, milk, aloe, etc.]  they require some kind of synthetic preservative that isn’t kind to my skin or to my insides.)

So, my body moisturizers of choice are my herb-infused oils (with organic extra virgin, olive, apricot kernel, rice bran, avocado, argan, safflower, evening primrose, virgin coconut, sweet almond, sunflower, jojoba, castor, tamanu, rosehip, and other oils) and lovely oils scented with essential oils and absolutes that I buy or am gifted from artisans on Etsy and elsewhere.

A simple blend of 50% olive/50% virgin coconut with a few drops of castor would make a lovely, lightly scented oil for dry skin.  50% sunflower, 25% jojoba or grapeseed and 25% rice bran or sweet almond would work beautifully for normal skins.   Oils that smell beautifully (IMO) on their own (without any added EOs) include apricot kernel (slightly sweet), virgin coconut (coconut!), and hemp seed & tamanu (nutty/earthy).

What are your preferred body moisturizers?  What ingredients does your skin respond to most favorably?  Any ingredients that you avoid?  And, if you make or purchase your own body oils or body butters, what are your favorite ingredients or recipes?

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