This year, in addition to some handmade items I bought on Etsy during last weekend’s sales, I’ve decided to make handmade gifts for my family this year.

I will be making Prosperity Fortune Cookies.  What are those, you say?  These are homemade fortune cookies that I will fill with prosperity-wishing quotes and best wishes for the new year.  I got the fortune cookie idea from this list, and the prosperity quotes are my own twist on it.

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I will also make some tea blends and hot cocoa blends to accompany these gifts.  I cannot wait to give them because I look forward to making them.  The holidays and birthdays are when I go all out making gifts.   I find that they bring both the maker and the receiver more joy.  I know I am doubly grateful to receive something made with love by the gifter.

Have you made gifts before?  What have you made?  In addition to this list, what homemade/handmade gift ideas would you like to share?