It’s been cold here in the Southeast.  In fact, 15 degrees colder than it usually is around this time.  For two consecutive days, it’s been 27 degrees when I left the house in the morning.  It reaches the mid-30s by the afternoon, but this kind of weather is not what I expected after moving from the coooold (brrr!) Midwest and the equally cold Northeast.

Remember that post I wrote about not needing body butter anymore, and using only body oils?  Well, those days are rapidly coming to a close.  *Double sigh* Last night at dinner with a friend, I felt that familiar, uncomfortable itching sensation in my legs that comes from parched skin.  Oh yes, it’s about time to pull out those body butters.  At least my “oil season” lasted till December — kind of remarkable and unheard of when I was living in the Midwest and Northeast.

So, how do you stay warm in colder weather?  Right now I’m sipping chai tea as I type this post, which is helping tremendously.  Next time I have to remember to wear socks, but I am wearing a knitted hat, scarf, and a warm coat today.  Not willing to give in to the need to wear gloves.  Not. Just. Yet.

I also do the following other things to stay warm:

Eat soups (don’t we all?)

Wear a super warm robe around the house.  This is my favorite robe of all.  My mom gave it to me when I went to college.  It’s red, very thick, and has a hood and white trimmings.  Admittedly, I look a bit like Mrs. Claus.  Also, my husband hates this robe and calls it my “old lady blanket.”  But it gets the job done.  I’m warm and toasty and happy when I wear this.

Take baths.  Did you know that salts keep your water warmer longer?  I tend to use Himalayan Salts with my own dried flower and herb mixes.  My skin is so soft and moisturized afterward.  And warmth?  Totally there.  I just have to make sure to towel off in the shower and moisturize before leaving the ecstasy of that place.  Candles in darkness make it extra special as you know.  (Oh, and I tend to take a bath once a week or less; I shower the other days.)

Oatmeal.  I hated it when growing up.  I would literally gag when I ate it as a kid.  My mom always made me something else when everyone else ate oatmeal.  Now?  Love it.  Only steel cut oats and rolled oats though.  Quick oats still have that sliminess that is a major gag and gross factor for me.  I cook mine with cinnamon, chai spices, and add organic soy milk and raw honey.  YUM!  (Plus oatmeal is one of those breakfasts that “stick to your bones” as elders in my family say…)

What are your strategies for staying warm?  Please share.  I really should’ve asked this when I lived in colder states.  But I can still use them now, (un)fortunately. 🙂