I’m currently on day two of being snowed in.  Fun!  I thought I’d share three winter skin care tips to celebrate my second snow day:

From shortbeauty.com

1) Soap is out. I haven’t used bar soap on my face in a good long while, but a few times a month I will use a gentle castile liquid soap like Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Soap mixed with a little baking soda for cleansing exfoliating action.  Otherwise, I use the oil cleansing method (Google it, so many benefits!) or cleansing grains.  In the past I’ve bought several grains on Etsy.com, and recently made my own special cleansing grains with raw coconut flour, turmeric, red sandalwood powder, almond meal, and several other ingredients.  My skin said aaahhh… (P.S. Aubrey Organics has a 20% off sale until Jan. 16th.)

2) Double-tone. I’m not sure if this is the right terminology for it, but after cleansing my face in the shower, I spritz my face with an organic cucumber hydrosol/lemon mix from Helena’s, wipe off, and then I put on my serum.  (I recently made a divine serum that I will share more about in another post.)  Then I proceed to moisturize my body while the serum sinks in.  Then, after I moisturize my body, I spritz my face again, usually with Organic Passion Rose Hydrosol from Green Springs Body Works, and then I put on my face cream.  Works wonders and my face stays soft and dewy all day. (P.S. If you don’t use serum, just try spritzing a bit extra toner after wiping off your toner and before moisturizing.)

3) “Listen” to your skin and give it what it needs. I will assess my skin before putting any product on.  I have a few different serums that range from light to rich, and a few moisturizing creams that I use according to the condition and needs of my skin.  Keep it simple, use only what’s needed, and your skin will thank you.

What are your winter skin care tips and tricks?  Please share!