Valentine’s Day in my family has always been about celebrating love in its many forms.  It was never purely about romance.  My parents gave us each Valentine’s Day cards and candy, and the tradition continues this day.  I give my parents cards and candy too.  Love is something to be celebrated and nurtured often, but Valentine’s Day for many is an extra special day.

I didn’t feel badly about not having a date or a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day until I got to college.  I was in my second year, and so many people seemed to be coupled up.  Not me, though.  I felt left out, and even though I didn’t feel “less than” I somehow thought that Valentine’s Day would be so much cooler if I had a date.  A friend of mine suprised me with a single red rose and cheered me up, reminding me that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about only celebrating romance, but about celebrating love between mother/father and son/daughter, cousins, friends, siblings, and more.

I think that some tend to be anti-Valentine’s Day because they feel left out due to their relationship status, are against the heterosexist nature of the holiday as it is marketed and presented, or protest against the commercialization of love and loving.  These are legit, but like any holiday, you can make it your own.  You can imbue it with your own meaning so that it doesn’t end up becoming a conglomerate of the mainstream messages.

One of these strategies involves what I am instituting in my circle this year, 2011, as “Organic Valentine’s Day.”  To love someone deeply is to also want the best for them, and what is a better way than sharing organic and giving organic?  This does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be extravagant.  Here are some ideas:

A bar of organic soap, lotion, or body scrub (why not homemade?)

An organic lunch for Valentine’s Day with sandwiches, salad, and dessert

An organically grown plant or herb potter

An organic pair of cotton socks

An  organic fruit basket

The potential list is almost infinite; be creative!  Enjoy an Organic Valentine’s Day this year, even if the organic part is a small part.