Lemongrass & Vetiver Hydrosol, Courtesy of thescenteddjinn.etsy.com

Justine Crane of The Scented Djinn truly makes the best hydrosols I’ve ever tried.  I’ve tried hydrosols from big name organic suppliers and from small artisan producers and Justine’s take the cake.  I purchased several from her, including:

  • Lavandin Grosso
  • Lemongrass & Vetiver (co-distilled)
  • Blackberrry
  • Kombu Seaweed/Key Lime (co-distilled)
  • Gardenia Tincture and Lemon
  • Rose Geranium & Frankincense
  • Cucumber

And several months ago:

  • Key Lime
  • Rose Geranium and Olive Leaf
  • Nectarine

(Yes, I got a little crazy.)

My favorites are Lemongrass & Vetiver, Lavandin Grosso, Rose Geranium & Frankincense, and Rose Geranium & Olive Leaf (not currently offered).  If you can only try a few, you must try these.

I love Lemongrass & Vetiver because it’s the perfect combo of earthy-woodsy-grass-citrus, and it instantly makes my skin so soft.  Lavandin Grosso is mighty potent!  Smells great and is a relaxer for me.  Rose Geranium & Frankincense smells so lovely.  The Frankincense is so vivid and strong here that I’ve been tempted to use it as a room spray, but then I would consider that wasting it a little.


Hydrosols are the signature of the entire plant (or of the plant parts that are used in the distillation in cases where only the leaves, root, etc. are used).  I use hydrosols as toners, hair refreshers in between washings, gentle morning facial cleaners, and even in the bath or for pedicures if I’m in a splurging mood.

Hydrosols are used in high-end soaps, skin care products, and as light non-intrusive perfumes, especially for those sensitive to essential oils.  They can also be used as mouthwashes (melissa, mints, and others with anti-bacterial qualities), and can be used in food and drinks (I’d use only organic ones for this.).  They can also be used internally and externally to treat a variety of ailments like PMS issues (clary sage), cold symptoms (elderberry), eye issues (cornflower), and burns or sunburns (lavender, helichrysum, chamomile, calendula, and others).  As one author declares, hydrosols are the next aromatherapy.

Helicrhysum Italicum

Justine’s are the best hydros that I have used for three reasons:

Scent:  Strong, true, pure.  Surprisingly so.

Small Batching: I think that this helps ensure the quality Justine produces.  She recently blogged about how she created sweetgrass hydrosol from a friend’s personal garden.  She’s uses local and organic plant matter for many of her hydrosols.  She’s really mastered the craft.

Vibrancy:  These hydros just pulsate with life.

Disclosure: All hydrosols were purchased by me.