Fall is my favorite season of the year by a long shot.  I love the seasonal changes and how it lends itself to comfy traditions and indoors reflection.  I’m transitioning into fall by:

Autuman Equinox 2011 courtesy of inquisitr.com

burning more incense (all-natural and resin based, of course);

drinking more teas as well as a new coffee substitute drink that I love;

reading in bed before drifting off to sleep;

using body balms at night to lock in moisture for skin;

baking more goodies (like molasses chews and brownies);

watching favorite classic movies;

using pumpkin, spice, and chai bath and body products;

resurrecting the never dead, forever eternal frankincense and myrrh in every area of my life;

and, eating soups.

While some of these are not necessarily fall traditions, there are some things (like the last one on the list) that I do more often when it’s cooler.

What are some of your fall traditions or habits?