Hi All,  I’m just requesting a little feedback.  I haven’t received any comments in recent weeks (months?) on my posts aside from the survey, which wasn’t really my post, and the creator herself was the one who commented (Hi Bellatrix!).  I know that holiday preparations have got us all busy, but I’m wondering too if my posts have been interesting or helpful in any way.  Since I am one busy gal, like many of you are, unfortunately I cannot post content everyday.

But I do believe in quality over quantity, so when I do post I give posts a lot of thought and research and try to avoid rambling (am I successful?) and quick, marketing-oriented updates that tell you about a new product or company.  Just as in my life, I endeavor to take a more holistic approach, to think beyond the surface and produce content that could potentially be referenced later.

Even now, I meant this to be a quick note for feedback, but there I go.  I want this blog to be useful, to matter, because that gives me the fuel to keep it going.  If there are any areas for which you’d like to see more content, please let me know.  If there’s anything working well or not working well, let me know that too.   Feel free to comment anonymously or to write me directly at scentualsoundtracks {AT} gmail {DOT} com.  I’m considering discontinuing this blog, but I have really enjoyed it and meeting you all as well .   If it is discontinued, I thank you all for reading, whether or not you have commented.