It’s likely that we green, organic-loving beauties are traveling this season.  When flying, you have the lovely requirement that you must bring liquid/gel items less than 3.4 (or is i 3?) ounces that fit in a (quart?) ziplock bag.  I pack items in small bottles and jars I save or buy for traveling.  But sometimes, especially when staying away from home for a week or more, we can run out of those small sizes, and there may not be a health food store near by (and we may not want to spend the money).

So what’s a green beauty to do?  Here are some tips from a true story.

Last Christmas, my husband and I spent the holiday over my parents-in-laws’ place with a lot of other family members.  Unusual for our area, it started snowing Christmas evening and even stuck to the ground.  Having lived in New England and in the Midwest, it was no biggie for me, but it was for our city, which clearly was not prepared.  So we were forced to spend (forced sounds harsh — we enjoyed it!) the night at my parents-in-law’s.

I had absolutely NO beauty products on me, save for some lip balm and makeup in my bag.  So what did I do?

Bath/Shower:  I decided that I would wait till I got home the next day to shower.  Thankfully the snow melted so that worked out well.  I have very sensitive skin and cannot use commercial soap.  If I had to shower there, though I would’ve asked for a bath soap I gifted to my MIL in previous years (if she hadn’t already used it all).  If not that, I would boil and use a little oatmeal.  It’s a natural moisturizing cleanser.

Face:  Instead of washing my face that evening, I rinsed it with water only.  I was offered face cream but opted instead for an oil from the kitchen.  Safflower oil with added Vit. E.  It worked really well.

Teeth:  I used to get mouth ulcers all the time from the SLS in most toothpastes (even “natural” ones), so I use tooth soap, tooth powders and baking soda as a mouth rinse and occasional tooth cleanser.  Since there was baking soda in the house, I used it as a tooth cleanser and mouth rinse.  Yippee!

Hand/body moisturizer: My FIL had some Carol’s Daughter Love Butter that I used.  I think it might have a little fragrance, but I’m not that hardcore in these kinds of situations.  If that wasn’t around, I would’ve used a bit of safflower oil, since they were out of olive oil.

Other ideas:

If pressed and “stranded” without my products, I would use:

  • Honey as a face masque/cleanser.
  • Apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) diluted with water as a toner.
  • Baking soda as tooth cleanser, mouth rinse, and facial scrub.
  • Olive oil as a moisturizer.
  • Oatmeal soaked in hot, boiled water as a body wash.

But what if they didn’t have any of these ingredients?  What would I do?  What about deodorant?  What if I couldn’t leave the house to buy ingredients or products because of snowy, icy roads, as was the case here?

It’s truly not the end of the world if I have to use commercial products, and I don’t mean to sound needy or high maintenance, because I’m not.  It’s just for me it’s pretty much a necessity, because I have many sensitivities to chemicals in commercial products.  I get rashes, hives, skin tingling, mouth ulcers, etc. from them.

Not fun, and it takes a while for my body and skin to recover after.  If you’re not affected in these ways in situations where you have to use chemical-ridden products, consider yourself lucky because at least you’ll be mostly comfortable. 🙂

Have you ever been in a situation where you were without your products?   What would you use to stay green if pressed?

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