Fellow blogger friend Triciana “Trish” Burke has created a divine solid perfume called Madam “C”.  If you’re familiar with the now defunct Littleflowers line, this perfume reminds me of that level of mastery.

Trish and I often exchange creations and give each other honest and thorough feedback.  In the most recent package she sent me several weeks ago, Madam “C” was the standout, not only for its creamy and luscious texture, but for its amazingly creamy and delicious scent.

Trish defines Madam “C” perfectly: “She is everything you expect a Madam to be: alluring, cunning, and pure sexiness. She can get down and dirty and take your money at the same time.”  I agree wholeheartedly and would like to add that ultimately Madam “C” defines categorization.  She’s both simply sweet and deeply sultry, grown-woman-sexy and sweet-girl-innocent, purely uplifting and utterly calming.

Top notes include citrus superstars Orange and Bergamot, followed by the “flower of flowers,” Ylang Ylang, which serves as the heart.  The earthy Patchouli base ties the blend together in a glorious way without subtracting from its perfection.  Experienced noses know that Patchouli and Ylang Ylang can often be overbearing notes, but not in Madam “C.”  They are used in moderation.

Of all of the perfumes and scented products that Trish has made thus far, I consider Madam “C” to be her masterpiece.  Madam “C” surprises with such subtlety and longevity that it has earned a permanent place in my perfume collection!

Note: BajMy is a new line that Trish is developing, and it is also the name of her new perfume blog, “BajMy: Fragrant Wind,” which you can read here.