She bathes in flowers gathered from all corners of the earth

She’s scented with the sweet, headiness of jasmine, the sacredness of frankincense, the timeless rose

Her skin is autographed with the scented signatures of fruits, flowers, seeds, and roots

Her mind is elevated by pure aromas that only Mother Earth creates

Raw honey nectar, wildcrafted seaweed, ancient clays

She is wrapped in pure luxury.

This brief poem that I wrote above describes how I feel about who we are in the current moment.  Centuries ago or even several decades ago, the luxurious natural ingredients that we use now were only available to kings, queens, and the wealthy of the world.

Those categorized as slaves, peasants, and the working class did not know what profound luxury would lie at the fingertips of their descendents.  I feel supremely blessed and utterly fortunate to be able to experience organic, raw, pure luxuries of nature in my lifetime.  No artificial approximation comes close to what I luxuriate in everyday.

When I wash my face with my homemade cleanser, made of more than 25 organic botanicals and mixed with raw organic honey and rosewater, I bless the earth.  When I lather with organic, homemade soaps filled with essential oils, clays and herbs, I smile and thank the heavens.  Upon bathing myself into a state of complete bliss, my spirit resonates with the timelessness of true beauty.

Today, I kiss the earth in gratitude for the bounty that passes through my hands each day, for the abundant green that grows around my home, and for the harvest that nourishes each and every life on this earth.