This weekend I was really in a crafting mode, and today in particular I made several things.  On Saturday I made an easy peasy bath tea, and today I made a new batch of my toothpaste, a new recipe for a strawberry facial scrub/masque, and shampoo.

Helichrysum Flowers

The bath tea is filled with helichrysum, rose, lavender, and jasmine flowers as well as several herbs.  The toothpaste is the very best I’ve ever used and I feel that I’m close to perfecting the recipe, which is an original.  I haven’t used the strawberry facial masque yet, but I will this week.  And the shampoo will be tested by my husband and I.  It’s my second time making shampoo ever, and this is a more elaborate recipe than last time — we’ll see how our scalp and hair turn out!

If you asked me a few years ago if I’d ever make my own toothpaste or shampoo, the answer would be no.  But each recipe leads me to wonder if I can make something else, and things continue to develop.  Really, I am finding that the things I make at home are much better than any store bought products, and infinitely better, it seems, than synthetic, chemical-ridden commercial ones.  It’s because they are fresh, organic, unique, concentrated, and made specifically for my needs and others’ needs.

I did not get here overnight, though, and I still have a long way to go.  My suggestion to anyone who is looking to make their own personal care products is to take your time.  Do your research and start small.  Make simple things first, and always make small test batches of your new recipes before making full batches so that you can test, improve, and build on your knowledge.

Do you make your own products?  If so, what tips would you like to share?  What has your growth process been like?

If you don’t make your own products, what are you interested in making?  I’m happy to share some possible starting points! : )