You may remember my original post in this series a few months back.  It’s time for a new round of tried-and-true products, on Etsy and beyond!

MoonGlow Soap, Copyright Botanica Bath.

MoonGlow Soap by Botanica Bath.

Formerly Nature’s Edge Farm, Botanica Bath is an organic shop filled with delightful soaps, scrubs, and bar shampoo.  I’ve purchased and loved several of their soaps.  Orange Blossom and Cedarwood is a perfect blend of uplifting and grounding notes.  Sea Mist really smells like a spa or beach vacation!  And my current favorite is their MoonGlow soap.  It’s a divine blend of jasmine, honey, and vanilla.  It lathers superbly and cleans amazingly well without drying the skin.  They have a 25% off sale for the next couple of days!  Use code XMASJULY.  They are also on Etsy.

Madam “C” Solid Perfume, Copyright by Bajmy.

Madam “C” by Bajmy.

I reviewed this enchanting solid perfume recently, and I’m still loving it. It is the perfect blend for spring or summer, and I can see myself wearing this in the fall as well.  Trish, the mixtress behind Bajmy, has recently opened her Etsy shop!  So now you can enjoy this perfume if you’re so inclined.  I purchased a sample set of her three new, oil-based perfumes and I cannot wait to try them.

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub, Copyright Acure Organics.

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

I mentioned this in my last post on skin care, but I had to mention it here as well.  This scrub works so well to cleanse your skin of dead cells, dirt, and impurities that it deserves 5 starts in my book.  It’s packed with great ingredients like organic sea kelp, chlorella, argan, acai, rosehips, rooibos, pomegranate, and more.  You can see the impact of all of these potent herbals in the deep green color of the scrub, and you’ll feel the results when you rinse to reveal baby-soft skin.

What have you been loving lately?  Have you loved anything enough recently to purchase it again?