When I started thinking of my skin care and beauty routine, I realized that about 80-90% of the products I use are DIY, made by me.  I’ve come a long way from my first exposure to what I thought were natural products, when, even on Etsy, many were filled with artificial fragrance, dyes, or other chemicals.  Thank goodness for change.


My routine is pretty basic though it may seem complicated in this longish blog post.  In the mornings, I cleanse my skin with an apple cider vinegar (ACV) blend.  For a year or so, I’ve been infusing a blend of about 30 herbs and flowers in straight organic ACV.  When I need some, I strain a bit out to make a small batch of facial toner (storing the rest in the fridge).  I mix 50% infused ACV with about 25% rose hydrosol and 25% organic aloe vera juice.  I don’t add any EOs, as the herbs and ACV are already so potent that I think it would be overkill.  Sometimes I take a break from this blend and use plain rose hydrosol to cleanse my face.  I don’t use water.

After cleansing my face with this blend on a cotton pad, I spritz my face with an organic toner or with rosewater.  Then I follow with a few drops of serum.  Lately I’ve been using my own blend of jojoba, argan, buriti and other oils with rose geranium EO and jasmine extract.  Smells divine!  Sometimes I will finish with a little sunscreen if I expect to be out in the sun for long periods of time.


I shower in the evenings, usually after my workouts, and I never use soap on my face.  I haven’t used soap on my face in several months, and occasionally (1-2 times a month or less) I’ll use a cream or gel cleanser to “reset” my skin, usually after having worn a bit of makeup that day.  So, in the evenings I cleanse my skin with one of three homemade items.

It’s either my homemade “ultimate ubtan” facial cleansing grains, made with 25 herbs, clay, EOs, and a few other ingredients, or my honey almond cacao blend, OR my fruit-based scrub.  I apply one of these (and sometimes I mix the ubtan with dead sea clay for extra cleansing), leave it on while I shower, and then rinse thoroughly.

Out of the shower I’ll then do a similar routine as the morning: wipe my face with my ACV blend or rosewater, spritz a toner, and then apply serum.  Sometimes (and very rarely) I will use a facial cream or balm if my skin seems dry.  I used to have dry skin (living in the Midwest and then in the Northeast) but now it’s balanced itself out, especially without using soap.


Once a week, I will use Acure Organics’ (AO) Facial Brightening Scrub, which works so amazingly well.  I used to use plain baking soda (mixed with H20) as a sort of microdermabrasion treatment, and considering my ongoing love for baking soda’s brilliant universality, I thought I’d never switch to anything else.  But then I tried the AO scrub (after purchasing it on sale at Whole Foods one day) and have not looked back.  I started off using it 2 times a week, but now I use it once a week since my skin gets some light exfoliation throughout the week from herbs, nuts, and the like in my blends.  I’m on my second tube of this scrub, and it lasts so long since you need so little.  One tube can last you up to three months, or more.

Also once a week, I will use a facial masque such as Pangea Organics’ Japanese Matcha Green Tea Masque, or most likely, a homemade blend of sorts (I have so many tried and true ones now).  I’d like to do it weekly, but since I’m busy and tend to forget, about once a month I do a full facial with an herbal steam, facial massage, and masque.  I use to use peels every now and then, but my skin has improved so much since I stopped using soap and made my own cleansers from whole, organic foods that now I don’t need those extras.  Woohoo!

What is your routine like? Have you had any skin care ah-ha moments?  Do share!