Rosehips [Credit]

Over the weekend, while I was away with hubby for our anniversary trip, we came across a bookstore and bought Organic Body Care Recipesby Stephanie Tourles.  Many of the recipes are quite good and the book also gives you ideas for making your own personalized recipes.  Even though I’ve amassed many cherished, tried-and-true recipes at this point, this book is a nice reference and beautifully done.

I wanted to challenge myself by making something I don’t usually make: creams and lotions.  I made my first facial cream (based on one of Tourles’s recipes) with organic rose hip seed oil, organic macadamia nut oil, rose hydrosol, unrefined beeswax, and essential oils (rose geranium, rosewood, helichrysum, and sandalwood).

I did not add any preservatives, so it won’t last super long, but the yield was about 2 ounces and between using it on my face and hands it will be gone in 2 weeks tops (I will likely refrigerate half of it.).  What I like about my new cream is that it’s so moisturizing and fresh.  My face instantly glowed when I put a few dabs of the cream on.  And my hands feel so soft!

I have not used lotions or creams in a long time (preferring to use facial and body oils or liquid-less body butters in cooler weather).  But I think that this is my return to creams.  I love the freshness of it, and I like that I can make very small batches (or large ones too) and customize to fit my needs.  I started off very basic but can see myself making more elaborate recipes in the near future.

Have you ever made facial cream before?  What is your favorite product to make?  What would you like to try making?