For a few months now, I’ve been reading Taryn’s inspiring blog, Wooly Moss Roots.  I find her life, her optimism, and her honesty inspiring.  I’ve decided to join in (as I can) on her Gratitude Sundays, a public expression what we’ve been grateful for throughout the week.

I’ve found that counting my blessings helps me put things into perspective.  When I’ve had a bad or so-so day, after I really start looking at all of the other things that went well, my entire outlook changes.  More than any other mindful practice, an attitude of gratitude has helped me tremendously.  Beauty and provision surround us always; we just need to make an ongoing, conscious effort to look for and acknowledge it.

This week I’m grateful for:

* Raw honey by Wee Bee Honey.  So delicious.

* Having the determination to change.

* Doing so well in my “cleaning olympics” this week.  I made it a “sport” to clean and organize certain areas of the house in a certain amount of time (and it different ways), just to make it more fun.  So far it’s worked wonders, even if it might sound silly. 🙂

* The warm welcome we were extended today.  Some new friends held a welcome party in our honor.  It was lovely and touching.

* Listening to my intuition about the path I should take right now.  It feels good not to be zig-zagging and to know I’m on the right road.

* My homemade shampoo.  I recently found out that it also works very well as a body wash.  My skin was so clean, soft and moist, and it smells so refreshing.

* Talking with two friends over the phone this week.  One had surgery recently and she’s doing very well now.  Grateful.

* A new book to read, The Night Circus.  It’s enchanting.

* Delicious collard greens and kale.

* Thunderstorms and rain.

* Decluttering to maximize my time, space, and LIFE.

* The power of good books to center and refresh.

* Love.  My husband is amazing.

* The courage to make two difficult decisions this week.

* Discovering a health food market (with very good prices!) 10 minutes from us.  I was able to buy some small amounts of herbs that I’d been wanting a long time.

* Getting an invitation to a new friend’s farm!  I’m so excited about this.  I’ve only been on three farms before: my grandfather’s farm when I was very little, a friend’s farm about 3 years ago, and my former CSA’s farm.  I can’t wait to visit sometime in the fall.

* Getting connected with our new neighbors.

* Rediscovering perfumes I’d forgotten about.

* Cleaning and vacuuming out our car.  Finally.

* Lunch with a good friend.  It was great to see her again.

* Time to relax, reflect, and be grateful.

What are you grateful for?