Today, and for most days this week, I’ve been relaxing.  Not the entire day, as I’ve still been doing some purging and organizing, but for a good part of the day, which is rejuvenating for me.  I am the kind of person who tends to work so very hard for weeks and months straight, non-stop, until I get burned out.  However, this new me is recognizing the need to rest regularly, to take breaks from intense projects, to simply enjoy what I love doing: reading, watching good shows and movies, eating good food, drinking herbal infusions, creating, relaxing, and enjoying nature.  I feel that it’s been healing and restorative in so many ways.

Deep down I’ve always had the fear that things would literally fall apart if I took more than a day off.  Now I realize, not so.  I’m healthier and happier for it.  I wish you all a relaxing holiday weekend.  Do what you love without guilt.  Then pause, give thanks, and repeat.

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