Lately I have been feeling that my showers are blah, mundane.  Showers used to be something that I looked forward to everyday.  Now, they seem like burdens, perhaps because my schedule has gotten much busier.

I still shower regularly, but it’s something that I like to get over with as soon as possible.  As someone who loved the entire showering and bathing ritual, from the products used to the entire experience, this new attitude toward showering is surprising to me.  I started to think, how can I make my showers more interesting?  Here are some tips that I hope will work for all of us:

1. Take more baths.  Although they’re more time-consuming, I’m happy each time I set aside time to take one.  Using bath oils, salts, herbs, and flowers makes for an interesting new experience.

2. Rotate body oils/lotions, soaps, and other bath and body products.  Although I’ve always done this, in recent months I’ve cut down the alternation to 1-3 products max.  However, I’d like to change it up little more, especially on weekends when I have more time to think it through.

3. Use products that match your mood.  Craft your shower experience to meet your current needs.  There are endless products out there, but to enhance or match your mood (or to change your mood if you’re in a funk), use organic, aromatherapeutic products.  For instance, when showering after my workout this evening, I almost grabbed a ginger-based scrub to use.  But I thought twice; I didn’t want that kind of stimulation right before bed.  So I used an earthy, calming scrub with frankincense, sandalwood, vanilla, and other grounding ingredients.  Lavender is also a good choice for pre-bedtime showers.  To stimulate and uplift your mood, try mints, citruses, or florals like ylang ylang, jasmine, and geranium.

4. Enhance the atmosphere.  Light candles, burn incense, play soft music, or change up your bathroom decor.

5. Splurge or, better yet, rediscover.  Sometimes buying a new bath or body product makes you look forward to showering again.  But first, scour your bathroom cabinets and you’re likely to happen upon a soap bar, body wash, or other product that you forgot about.

What tips do you have for making the daily shower or bath interesting?