It’s time for a winter giveaway!  I recently made a very special moisturizing balm, perfect for meditation, skin care, and moisturizing.  If you can guess at least 4 ingredients in this winter balm, you will be the winner!

Leave a comment below with your guesses.  A winner will be chosen January 3rd and the balm will ship by January 10th.  Good luck!

Note: I am taking a blog vacation until January 3rd.  Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, and Happy New Year to all!

1/3/2013 UPDATE: So far, no one has guessed four ingredients in the balm.  Many have come close, though, with 3 ingredients named.  I will leave comments open for a few more entries tonight and will randomly choose a winner from those who guessed at least 3 of the ingredients.  Happy New Year!