Here are some lovely gifts for children and families:

Bamboo Children of the World Magnets would make a nice gift. By Graphic Spaces Wood, $36.

This Fancy Babies Cloth Doll is adorable. By Fancy Naturals, $40.

This custom family tree plant or flower stake is cute and perfect for a family with a garden and several green thumbs. By N S Family Trees, $16.

Lemon Berry Sweet Leaf Tea is sugarless and tasty, perfect for kids and adults alike. By Wild Root Botanicals, $9.

This wooden Bowling Set is well-made, sturdy and toxin-free. by Little Sapling Toys, $26.

This personalized ornament would make a nice keepsake. By Clementine Jayne, $17.

Would they like a liquid soap that everyone can use? This large 14-oz. size Baby Bird Head-to-Toe Wash is scented with lavender and sweet orange, a pleasing mix to (almost) anyone. Organic and natural by Flying Bird Botanicals, $18

What are your gift ideas for families and children?