What are you doing this winter to care for your skin?  With drier air and colder temperatures, we need to do all that we can to care for our skin.  Here are some habits that I find helpful in nourishing my skin, both face and body.

Bathing.  I’m taking baths once a week now, with Epsom, Sea, or Himalayan Salts, Baking Soda, Neom Organics Bath Oils as well as with my Herbal and Floral Soaks (though not usually all at once).  My skin thanks me every time.

Creams, Facial Oils, and Serums.  At night I use a lovely Jasmine facial cream by Amrita Apothecary, mixed with a few drops of facial oil (homemade or made by other artisans).  This does wonders to deeply restore my skin overnight.  In the daytime I use facial serums with sunscreen properties as well as facial oils to keep my skin moist and protected.

Holistic Self-Care.  Drinking water regularly and eating water-rich foods like fruits, salads, and the occasional sorbet bring much needed moisture inside and out.

Although there are other things I do, these are the main ones that serve my skin.  What do you do?