If you like all-natural perfumes, you must know this.  Ananda Lakshmi Wilson, proprietress of Amrita Apothecary, has started Aromatic Muse, a perfume subscription as “a beautiful, sensual way to amplify intentions and stay connected to our sensory wisdom.”  I’m writing this post all the way from Brazil to urge you all to consider signing up to receive her perfumes, which are deeply discounted through this subscription service.

As a member of Lady’s Slipper Ring, a subscription service that is a hybrid of a CSA and much more, I have experienced several of her perfumes, such as Sap Moon, Medicine Woman, and Lakshmi’s Pleasure.  In fact, one of her perfumes, Tulsi Rose, is a permanent fixture on my nightstand – it literally comforts and helps me sleep like a baby.  Lakshmi’s Pleasure is sensual and has a gourmand side with cardamom, cacao, rose, and more.  Sap Moon is an ambery birch – quite unique – and Medicine Woman has proven to be one of her most popular perfumes of late.

If you are looking for a way to pamper yourself or a loved one with a unique sensory experience, consider Aromatic Muse.  You will not regret it as the perfumes are gorgeous and inspired, going beyond straightforward aromatherapy blends, though they certainly lend themselves in this form of support as well.  In short, Aromatic Muse is pure luxury.

[Photo Courtesy of Ananda Lakshmi Wilson.]