Before I begin, I want to share that this is my 200th post! Finally. It’s been a long time coming.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of travel this summer, I thought I’d share some tips for packing an all-natural beauty bag for overnight stays and other short trips.

Stay packed. If you have trips up and coming, you can do like me and clean out your toiletries bag after returning home, recycle used items, and replace them with new ones.  This saves time and ensures that I’m ready for the next jaunt.

Save samples. When you get samples, keep them for travel! Put them in a small bag and place them inside your travel toiletries bag. They’re usually the perfect size for short trips and are great backups for your main products, too.  Plus, I get to sample new perfumes, facial care, body oils, masques and other products while I’m away, adding a bit more novelty and excitement to the trip. (Make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, of course.)

Choose multi-taskers. Instead of bringing a toner, a masque hydrator, and facial mist, bring one product that will accomplish all of these tasks. Take this same approach with each item you decide to include in your beauty bag (as much as feasible) and you’ll save time and space.

Even if you don’t travel frequently, taking this approach when you do will help you save time, ensuring that you’re prepared.

What travel tips keep you ready to roll out for the newest adventure?