As a sort of follow-up to my last post (it was the 200th one, by the way!), I’d like to spend a little time discussing beauty products I don’t use.  On blogs, we talk a lot about what we love and presumably use regularly.  In the spirit of simplicity and multitasking, I thought I’d discuss beauty products that don’t make it into my regimen.

1. Lip Scrub.  Going for $5-30 each, small sticks and jars of lip scrub are a huge waste of money to me.  My alternative: Facial Scrub.  These days my facial scrubs are cleansing grains, and I use a bit on my lips as I’m cleansing my face and it keeps my lips soft and smooth.  Just be careful not to open your mouth before rinsing.  Another DIY alternative: Mix 1/4 tsp. honey, 1/4 tsp. jojoba, argan, or sunflower oil and 1/2 tsp. finely-ground sugar for your own sugar scrub.  Add a drop of vanilla extract for flavor.

2. Foot Creams.  The same idea goes for hand cream, neck creams, etc.  My alternative: A good multitasking balm. The sign of a good balm or moisturizer is that it’s a multitasker.  If you can use the same balm for your hands and feet as you would other places, then that means you’ve got a good product.  Why pile up creams and balms for every area of your body?   Another alternative: Make a salve with the many recipes online.  Tweak it until you love it!  Or buy a highly-rated one from Etsy.

3. Shaving Cream.  I’m sure that there are varied stances on this one. It really comes down to preference, which is possibly based on how frequently you shave.  My alternative: I simply use a bar of soap for lather or a shower gel for shaving.  My last and best shave came from using Bath Petals Greek Honey Mint Organic Shower Gel. Other alternatives: Use a moisturizing and rich lathering soap or body wash that you already own to shave.  Or, use a pre-shave oil or make your oil from like oils like jojoba, sunflower, etc.  If you do use a shave oil, make sure to wash your razor thoroughly after.

4. Facial Wipes. In my opinion, not only are these a waste of money, but most of them, even the “natural” ones, can wreck havoc on your skin.  I’ve tried them before and they often don’t clean well, are over-perfumed, and leave a film on your skin that can be very irritating.  My alternative: In the mornings, I don’t wash my face, as I usually shower and wash my face nightly.  Instead, I have a pump bottle of a toner mix I make or rosewater and I use a bit on a cotton pad to cleanse and refresh my face.  This is similar in concept to the facial wipe, except that you can control the ingredients and how much you use.  Another alternative: Just cleanse your face as you normally do!  It make take an extra minute or two, but if you’re in the position to do so, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

What are some products that you don’t use, and why?