Several years ago, I used to shower twice a day.  Ridiculous, right?  That absolutely dried out my skin.  Then I switched to showering once a day and now (within the last couple of months) to every other day.  My skin is no longer dry but normal (dare I say supple?) and healthier overall.


I will always love handmade soaps, yet lately I have been using Alaffia’s African Black Soap as a body wash.  I purchase the Unscented version in the 32-ounce size from Whole Foods for $9.99.  This lasts me for such a long time.  I pour several ounces of the liquid soap into a reusable bottle and add essential oils and a carrier oil or two to for a bit more moisture.  It’s quite healing to the skin and is such a versatile product.  I’m able to customize the scent whenever I want something different and it can also be used as a shampoo.  Plus, proceeds from purchases support social justice and economic development programs for children and families in Togo, Africa.  I feel extra good about that.


I pat dry and then use a body oil.  Occasionally, I might use a waterless body butter or a balm, but I favor body oils because they sink in quicker and leave a silkier feel to my skin.  I am a body oil fanatic, so I change up my oils a lot.  I use oils by elaa skincare, Weleda, Shea Terra Organics, Living Libations, The Lavender Cottage and Garden, Dawn to Dusk Essentials, Tallulah Jane, Auromere, Eleneetha, Plantlife, Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies, and many other brands.  These oils range from very affordable to very luxurious, but what they have in common are their stellar ingredients.  They are all organic and/or all-natural with no synthetic fragrance.  I also make my own body oils with a range of carriers, infusions, and scents.  It all depends on how I’m feeling and what I have on hand.

A Few Times a Month:

2-3 times a month I will do a full body scrub.  Currently, I’m using the last of my Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub, alternating with a Sweet Spice salt scrub I made earlier this fall.

1-2 times a month, I will take a long, relaxing bath, though I wish it were more often.  I use salt and herb/flower blends I make myself.  My most recent bath was a Detox bath that was quite intense!  I made a blend that contained seaweed, epsom, himalayan and sea salts, as well as spices, clay, and EOs.  My baths are usually much simpler with sea or epsom salt, baking soda, and either EOs or a dash of Neom Organics’ Bath Oil.  I always get out feeling brand new, wondering why I don’t take them more often.

And that’s it!  What are some essentials in your bath or shower routine?