First, Happy Spring!  I hope that sun-kissed buds and windblown blossoms are adorning your world wherever you may be.

I recently went on a 10-day trip to CA and DC.  In CA, I discovered a first edition copy of Jeanne Rose’s Herbal Body Book.  If you don’ know who Jeanne Rose is, she is an amazing talented herbalist at the forefront of all of the knowledge the public has been able to accumulate over the last 40+ years.  She wrote the first book on modern herbalism in 1969 and also has a column on

Back to the book:  The book was in very good condition, but what was so magical about the experience was not only having the desire to find her book and then finding it.  It was also the lovely sandalwood rose body oil label on the title page of the book.   Intricately drawn by hand, the label was doused in sandalwood and rose oils that are still fragrant, smelling divine.

It makes reading the book so pleasurable.  Every time I turn a page, a bit of beautiful fragrance wafts around me.  The sandalwood has aged and created an amazing scent.  I don’t believe that we have access to gorgeous sandalwood like that these days.

Such magic.  It makes my heart sing.